Millennium Films has introduced a new poster and made a name change to their film Eliza Graves. It is now titled Stonehearst Asylum. Directed by Brad Anderson, the film features Jim SturgessKate BeckinsaleBrendan GleesonBen Kinglsey and Michael Caine.  Additionally, a new facebook page and a holding page for the official website for the newly titled film have been added, but are not yet active.  No release date has been set, but it’s expected to be in theaters in Fall of this year.

Jim Sturgess and Joe Anderson (Jude and Max) - Across the Universe (2007) behind the scenes

"@onedges In June we shot actor Jim Sturgess for the latest issue of @sidmagazine. It’s on shelves now."

- And what do you think Max is going to say about you and Lucy?          

- Lucy….. I didn’t expect to fall for her but I did. And I have grown to love her more and more every day.

July 15th.

"He plays this pitch perfect. He plays just about everything pitch perfect. I think he’s very, very accomplished for someone so young….. Some people could do the nerdy part but not the slick part, but Jim could do both. He had it all."

Heartless behind the scenes

Cloud Atlas Press Junket & Photo Call

Cloud Atlas photocall